Gestural & Sound Solo

Gestural & Sound Solo


Goal - Essential question

Sharing compositional tools, creating a score, applying multiple structures within a choreographic process: the objective is to fully engage in the creation of a solo that has personal elements and then proceeding into an exchange and dialogue with the others. Sound and movement, both applied and performed as singular voices are collectively  composed instructing each voice and the whole group.

Learning outcomes:

compositional tools, looping, solo to group, sound to movement.

Step 1: Sound and Phrase

Each participant takes 15 minutes to create, learn and reproduce a small sound/rhythmic phrase. They are allowed to use voice, text, body sounds or one of the workshop musical instruments. They can think of this phrase as something that represent them, it is personal and singular, it can contain whatever they want. It should last from 20 seconds to a minute.

Step 2: Gestural Solo

They do the same creating a gestural solo.

Step 3: Mix

Just a position, relations, dialogue. Start playing with these two phrases and loop them exploring possibilities.

Step 4: Composition

One performs his/her material, another is added and another. Create a composition of sounds and movements that offers dynamic changes and energetic states.


The different choreographic resources and the musical instruments used related specifically to the content and delivery of the dance sessions and had an immediate and direct impact on the overall vitality of the participants and the sessions. The goal was to encourage an integrated and reflexive practice using sound and movement. The resources were selected in their capacity in facilitating the relation to participant mobility, articulation, memory and social interaction, resulting in carefully crafted dance routines and musical phrases.