Exploring Contact Dance in an Inclusive Context

Exploring Contact Dance in an Inclusive Context

Goal - Essential question

This lesson plan aims to introduce the participants to contact dance, taking the sharing of weight in a responsible and safe manner as a starting point.

Introductions (10-15 minutes)

Explain that the exercise involves participants dancing together, which might involve touching each other and sharing body weight etc. Show dancers some examples by videos or images. It is important for you to set out the investigation and objectives for each exercise and notify any challenges or considerations. It is recommended that you discuss their experience after the exercise with the participants to reinforce understanding. Spend about 5 mins for this.
Outcomes: It is important to give participants plenty of notice and idea of contact dance, for their own safety and expectations.

Warm-up (10 minutes)

  • Spatial Awareness Game
  • Fold & Float
  • Getting to a floor as a group
  • Improvisation and visualization on the floor

Outcomes: Warm Up, relax group, work in partners using touch functionally, get used to sense of surface

String Duets (15 minutes)

Improvise with and without string between 2 participants.
Outcomes: Give them the awareness of centre, equal responsibility, team work, the point where their energies meet & the idea of working together.

Push, Pull & Roll (25 minutes)

Explore how 2 people can push, pull and roll over each other. Working with someone who has a physical disability involves figuring out of where that person’s center of gravity is.
Outcomes: This is the basics of contact work, so it is good to use this for introductory sessions.

Lean (25 minutes)

Choose someone as the base and remind them to have control when the partner leans on you by clear communication. The communication can be as subtle as using his/her breath.
Outcomes: Work on the participants to understand where their center is and that leaning involves one center being over another center. Encourage wheelchair dancers not just use arms or wheelchair.