The principles of inclusive teaching

The principles of inclusive teaching

1st learning mobility

How to engage with disabled dancers in the community. A week-long training and learning activity in Greece for the beneficiaries on ‘The principles of inclusive teaching”

In this workshop 20 participants with and without disabilities from Greece, Sweden, Netherlands and the UK will see in action the inclusive dance methodologies that each partner has been developing since October 2016, and exchange best practices and essential feedback.

The central idea will be that of ‘contact’

Coming into real and  meaningful contact on many different levels is for us a main objective that comes with the creation of an integrated group within the context of dance education. We will explore different ways of coming into physical, emotional, intellectual and social contact with each other, focusing on the idea of creating ‘common ground’ and ‘common experience’. We ask ourselves ‘how do we overcome literal and metaphorical distance, barriers or difference?’. In the same way that the skin is an organ that both separates and unites through touch, objects, music and language can serve as bridges that will bring us together in a common exploration .