iDance talk & dance

iDance talk & dance

A conference on dance and methods of inclusion.

As part of the festival Dance & People which focuses on bringing professional and non-professional dancers on the stage, the one-day conference IDance Talk & Dance will include seminars and two workshops in order to share the methods and practices of inclusive dance teaching that have been developed so far through the iDance programme.

We look at what happens when we watch bodies we don’t normally meet on a dance stage.

The conference aims to discuss and explore issues such as: How is life represented on stage? Can dance as an art form comment on society and the times we live in when only a few individuals are allowed access to the stage? How does the narrative change when we invite other bodies and identities, not obviously associated with dance?

Location: Skanes Dansteater

Date: 6/11/2018
Time: 10:00-16:00
Price: The conference is free, but requires a ticket.


The day will start with a seminar aimed at those interested in and would like to gain further knowledge and information about increasing accessibility for everyone to dance education. After lunch there is an opportunity for dance teachers and others working creatively in the field of dance to participate in professional development dance workshops.

Seminar: Strategies and methods to increase accessibility to dance
The seminar will explore questions such as:
• How can we develop ways of teaching dance so that participants, with and without disabilities, have the same opportunities within education and development?
• How can we develop structures within dance where participants with and without disabilities can gain access to dance education from pre-school to university on equal terms?
• How do we create opportunities for developing leadership skills in dance for people with disabilities?

Dance workshops: Inclusive dance education initiatives
Dance workshops for dance teachers and others working creatively in the field of dance. In the workshops, the participants will have the opportunity to try some of the dance teaching methods explored in the iDance project.

Workshop 1: iDance methods | 13.00–14.30

Movement translation and double leadership.
Led by Peder Nilsson and Madeleine Månsson,
from Skånes Dansteater

Workshop 2: Dance Education ”Språng”  | 15.00–16.30

Dance didactic for inclusive practice.
Led by the dance company SPRÅNG.